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Prof. S. SHIVA KUMAR, M.D., (General Medicine), FRCP(Glasg).
  Prof. S. SHIVA KUMAR, M.D., (General Medicine), FICP , FRCP(Glasg).
  PROFESSOR & HEAD (Retd), Dept of Medicine,
  Stanley Medical College and Hospital, Chennai, India
  3362/0, AE 8 th Street
  Anna Nagar, Chennai 600 040, India .
  Phone : +91 044-2621 2522
  Cell     : +91 98402 24019
  E-mail :
  web    :


Dear friends,

            I hope you found this website useful. This website is seven years old .  In this website, I have made available my published research articles & also various articles & ppts of my postgraduates. This has been done , because many of our articles are not available online . Most of the articles are on neglected tropical diseases , such as Leptospirosis , Infectious diseases , Poisoning & Acute Kidney Injury in India . I have recently presented the data on Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field ( PEMF ) Therapy from Madras Institute of Magnetobiology on various diseases .

          I hope you found the editorials on various aspects of health care in India interesting . I have suggested steps to improve medical research , medical education & patient care in our country in the editorial . I have made the glossary available for easy reference  of the research articles & editorials . I thank the members for joining this website .As Community based teaching is an important objective of this Academy , I request  Non Medical People also to participate in this Website. Please refer Faq for interesting  questions & answers. You could also request for any interesting topics to be discussed. In case you have any problem , please contact me through my E -mail. My present email is .

 I request the members to participate in the Discussion forum. I hope you found this forum useful & interesting . I thank the participants for their valuable contributions .

I shall briefly discuss the various aspects of my research ( refer Research articles & Glossary for details ) . Please refer Editorials for summary of various studies on the following topics given below .

a )    Leptospirosis.

1  Published data on Epidemiological & clinical profile of Leptospirosis in  Chennai.

2.  Highlighted the role of simple diagnostic tests ( MSAT / Elisa IgM ) & discussed the role of MAT in the diagnosis of Leptospirosis.

3.  Modified the WHO guidelines ( Modified Faines criteria ) for diagnosis of Leptospirosis in Indian Institutions.

4. Published article "Leptospirosis-current scenario In in India" in API Medicine update 2008 on the status of Leptospirosis in various states of india.

5. Leptospirosis laboratory established in Madras Medical College & their experience published.

6. Published article - Indian Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Human Leptospirosis - in API Medicine Update 2013 .

b )    Renal Diseases.

1. Published data on the Clinical profile of ARF in Chennai.

2. Did extensive work on various causes of Acute Renal Failure due to Acute Diarrheal  diseases, Leptospirosis, Copper Sulphate poisoning &  Snakebite.

3. Highlighted the role of Peritoneal dialysis in management of Renal Failure in India.

4. Discussed the role of conservative management of CKD & highlighted the problems of Renal transplantation in India.

c )     Poisoning.

1. Highlighted the role of Pralidoxime in the management of OPC poisoning.

2.  Established the benefit of Forced Alkaline Diuresis (FAD) in Acute Copper Sulphate Poisoning.

3. Provided data on Methanol Poisoning & Corrosive Poisoning in Chennai.

4. The psychosocial profile of poisoning has been evaluated.

d )      Infectious Diseases. 

      Dicussed the Clinical profile of Malaria & Dengue Fever in Chennai.

      The profile of Acute febrile disease in North Chennai has been evaluated.

      Co-infection of Malaria & Leptospirosis in Chennai has been published .

       Role of ADA in Tuberculous Pleural effusion has been discussed .

          Refer Approach to Fever ppt for management of Malaria, Dengue & Leptospirosis .

e)        Fluid & electrolyte disorders.

     Discussed the various fluid, electrolyte & acid-base disorders in detail.

f) Pulsed Magnetic field (PMF) Therapy .

 Discussed article on PMF Therapy from Madras Institute of Magnetobiology under research publications . Please view comment on PMF therapy in editorial .


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